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Top 8 Marketing Mistakes of 2018

As we go into the New Year, many people start off at the starting line with great ambitions and goals. However, what most business owners don’t know or value too much is the marketing aspect. Marketing isn’t just getting your name out there… it’s repetition, recognition, strategy, education and becoming a trustworthy source in your area of expertise.

Marketing Mogul’s has come up with the ‘Top 8 Marketing Mistakes of 2018’ in hopes to help you realize how and why marketing is important and imperative to your business.

1. You Don’t Post Enough!! – OR Maybe too much. #Consistencyiskey.

We get it!! You don’t have time… or for some, you have too much time. Posting to stay relevant is very important on Social Media. If you fall into the 'I don't have time' portion, make a checklist. When writing things down on paper and crossing them off might seem 'old school', it is still very effective. Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram can give your business more coverage. Due to the algorithm updates on both of these platforms you can sometimes hit what we like to call a ‘virtual brick wall’. Don’t worry, there are ways around this and they will be explained below.

2. Content is important

What you post NEEDS to be relatable to your clients at least 75% of the time. If you are a restaurant… none of your customers are looking at your page for defrosting frozen pipe lines in your home. Keep it to what you know, love, live and breathe. The other 25% of the time incorporate the weather, humor or things that involve other humans globally.

3. Hashtags are a thing, and they ARE REAL!! Use them

We love when we use the word ‘hashtag’, we get one or two responses…

1. What’s a hashtag? Well, for starters… it IS NOT a curse word. It is a way to get in touch with other peoples through keywords and phrases. On every post that you make you should add in some phrases that make sense and are consistent with your post. The way you ‘#’, is by adding a ‘#’ and the a keyword or phrase to the end of it, Example: #socialmediamarketing ß recognize no spaces!! However, just like Google… whatever you decide to hashtag, DO NOT be basic or over-specialized. Example: You are a restaurant in upstate New York… Too Basic: #newyork #restaurant #burger Over-Specialized: #upstaterestaurantnygoodfood

2. Hashtag’s do nothing For starters, they do. They may not increase business initially but overtime it will increase brand recognition. Especially when done right!

4. You can’t be the cook, waitress, bartender and hostess all at once – #HIREAPROFESSIONAL

This is why you hire a professional, we do all the hard work and research, so you can focus on other things… you know, like the bathroom overflowing, bills, helping customers and other fun things that may come your way. No matter how hard we all try, ‘we get by with a little help from our friends’. However, the ‘friend’ or ‘employee that you pay an extra $1 an hour but also has a million other jobs’ doesn’t always do their homework, becomes overloaded or ‘forgets’ and if/when they quit… GUESS WHAT!! They have all the log in’s and that can cause a social-tastrophe for you.

5. Not enough research into insights and consumer patterns

Every social media platform these days will give you access to; 1. Actions on your page 2. Page views 3. Page previews 4. Page likes

5. Post reach 6. Post engagements 7. Page followers 8. The ability to monitor your reach to figure out days and times you get most customer engagement. Remember: Knowledge is power and yes there is a lot more that goes into social media and traditional marketing. That’s why we went to school for it.

6. Visual appeal is EVERYTHING - Add Images or Videos

Sorry to be blunt… but WORDS ARE BORINGGGGGG. Imagery has a way of instigating sensors in one’s mind to help them connect on a level words would never be able to. We’re over grown kids to nicely put it, add images and videos for more interesting content.

7. Show You’re Real in a World of Fakes

Like we said before, 25% of your posts should contain content either that adds humor, real life events in the world, the weather… anything but what we would like to call the ‘No-go talk guide for Bartenders’. This includes, but is not limited too religion, politics, ethnicity… A.K.A Things that are part of people’s belief systems. There is a fine line between ‘being real’ and ‘being rude’; it’s offensive.

8. READ AND WRITE MORE - Become an industry leader, not a follower

We say this because you are not, as we are not they holy messiah when it comes to our professions. Marketing Mogul’s is based and founded on a combined 10 years’ worth of on-going marketing experience. However, on a daily basis we research, read, take online courses, go to Marketing Seminars and connect with other industry professional’s for up and coming trends. Our work is never done and neither will be yours. Follow your passion and make a list of all aspects that tie into it. Any aspect you do not have knowledge, passion or creativity for; find a professional. It may cost you more but in the end, you’ll see a higher return on your investment.

We hope you enjoyed our list of ‘The Top 8 Marketing Mistakes of 2018’!! We always love feedback as well. So if you have any comments, additions or thoughts, comment below. Stay chic!!

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